Your children get bored at home? !! Shows and lots of things in Paris in the 7th arrondissement


Shows, activities and workshops for children in Paris in the 7th arrondissement 🙂

Want to have fun with your family without breaking the bank? 7aparis has thought of everything!
Discover our selection of shows for children to entertain young and old alike.
Live the biggest shows of dance, music, puppets, drawings, theater and enjoy all the years small prices on dozens of events … the opportunity to occupy free time and weekends of your children having fun!
You will not have time to get bored!

18 events on display

Puppets / Guignols: The Treasure of the Sultan |27 september-3 October 2017|

The show “The Sultan’s Treasure” a tale in oriental costumes.

Family Play: Elementary, my dear Monet!|12 November 2017: 11h00 |

Playing with family, the children become small investigators and reveal the secrets of great works (6-12 years).

Children’s workshop – In the field of the gods |October 8, 2017: 10:30 am, 2:30 pm |

atelier enfants paris 7

From the beautiful beauties (Venus) to the cruel monsters (the Cyclope Poly-phème) and the hybrid creatures (Pan), the works of the museum testify to the artists’ passion for myths and legends

Discovery Visit 5 works – La Belle saison | 1 October 2017: 11h00, 15h00 |

To discover, on a theme of season, 5 works of the collections of painting, sculpture and decorative arts.

Puppets / Guignols: The Magic Seeds | 13-26 September 2017 |

Lim, a very lazy young boy, one day crosses his path a magician who offers him two magical seeds. One will feed it all year round and the other will have to bury it in the ground to reap two magic seeds the following year.

Workshop: Interior Views | 1 October 2017: 10h30, 14h30 |

Children reinvent a Haussmannian interior from published prints of the time.

Chinese Shadow Theater – What do pandas dream about? |25-29 October 2017 |

Between East and West, a dialogue of the traditional art of Chinese puppet with ancient French music …

Workshop: Behind the Scenes | 10 December 2017: 10h30, 14h30 |

An amateur of dance and familiar behind the scenes of the Opera, Degas drew, painted and sculpted ballerinas from every angle.

En Filigrane: A poetic date between a cellist and a hip-hop dancer. |25 November 2017: 16h00 |

A poetic dialogue between a cellist and a hip-hop dancer on Bach and Spanish and African music.

Workshop: Exquise Esquisse | 8 October 2017: 11h00 |

A dozen draughtsmen sketching in music, on the thread and without filet, according to the principle of the exquisite corpse?

In six one-hour sessions, four dramatists improvise on a theme and according to the constraints of the Neapolitans: imagining the hidden face of an image, completing a motif, finishing the image of another, drawing on the skin of the spectators …

Workshop: Grimacing | 24 September 2017: 14h30 |

It is the contest of the best grimace in front of the mirror then the children model the clay! (9-12 years).

Workshop: The great works of the Musée d’Orsay |14 October 2017: 11h00 |

A route that allows to discover some major works of the collections and to have a first overview of the museum of the fine arts of the period 1848-1914.

Workshop: Not even afraid |October 15, 2017: 10:30 am, 2:30 pm |

Since the dawn of time, when night falls, a strange feeling of anxiety awakens and sometimes grows to the point of making us spend a sleepless night.

Workshop: Leisure, parties and shows for the whole family |26 October 2017: 11h00 |

In the nineteenth century, the social ritual of the festival was renewed and the places of leisure multiplied: this visit evokes opera, ballet and concerts, but also the popular ball, the fair, the circus. Moreover, the development of the railway makes it possible to taste the joys of the open air. The program of this visit: lunches on the grass, regattas and sea baths.

Oripeaux: Music, Songs, Dance | 9 December 2017: 16h00 |

Oripeaux is the first show of the Atelier Bonnetaille. In this collective creation, woven on a fabric brought by Charlotte Pareja, we wanted to imagine a scenic writing based on his passion: matter and costume.

Spectacle sewn and danced, designed as a tribute to couture and costume, Oripeaux retraces the steps of making a costume and shows the movements of the wearer. An intimate show, without words, for all audiences, from 3 years old to the oldest.

Workshops: Painted portraits, carved portraits | 24 October 2017: 11h00 |

Bust, foot or restricted to the face, each portrait, famous or anonymous, individual or group, bears the mark of social status or the expression of the character of its model, in a register ranging from idealization to caricature.

Workshop: When the works tell stories |7 October 2017: 11h00 |

Apollo, Pan, Orpheus, Psyche, Hercules and Venus: the nineteenth century loves myths and legends, inexhaustible source of inspiration. This visit is based on works chosen for their historical, literary or mythological content, whose presentation is made in a telling form, based on the original texts that make it possible to render the essence of the work, but also adaptations and more recent versions.

Workshop: A strange and familiar dream |October 22, 2017: 10:30 am, 2:30 pm |

The little monsters play with their Chinese shadows: shivers guaranteed!

Symbolist painters draw their inspiration from legendary tales and narratives, in their strangest dreams and their worst nightmares.


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