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08 Oct 2017 - 31 Dec 2017


places 4,50€.

Workshop: Exquise Esquisse

A dozen draughtsmen sketching in music, on the thread and without filet, according to the principle of the exquisite corpse?

In six one-hour sessions, four dramatists improvise on a theme and according to Neapolitan constraints: imagining the hidden face of an image, completing a motif, finishing the image of another, drawing on the skin of the spectators. ..

In solo or in team, in response to the statement of Jean-François Auguste, master of these ceremonies, everyone, with his universe, his singular pencil stroke, takes the white sheet to react and compete with inventiveness.

Live music paces performances, influences drawings, challenges. Barbara Carlotti (yes, The Daughter of PULP 2014), Joseph of Antwerp, Donia Berriri, the musicians of Moriarty in unknown formations (Arthur Rush, Stephan Zimmerli, Charles Carmignac), Ludovic Debeurme will offer the illustrators soundscapes to illustrate. And as Exquise Esquisse always reserves surprises, the roles sometimes will be reversed …


From OuBaPo, Potential Cartoonist, created in 1992 in the College of Pataphysics. The equivalent for the cartoon of OuLiPo founded in 1960 by Raymond Queneau. The members of the committee, collectively or individually, create or transform works under artistic constraint (Ambigram, Palindrome, Expansion, Substitution and other inventions).


Hourly Schedule

8 octobre 2017 : 11h00 -
29 octobre 2017 : 11h00 -
31 décembre 2017 : 11h00 -


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