Caterers, cheesemakers, glaciers … we find in the 7th most chic stores of the city.

la grande épicerie de paris
la grande épicerie de paris

Food Places: the best shops of 7 for great occasions.

For lovers of cheese, the district has the best refiners in Paris.

Marie Anne Cantin (12, rue du Champ-de-Mars, tel : 01 45 50 43 94). A small shop with a large selection. All the cheeses of the Maison Cantin are excellent. An unrivaled choice of County. We buy the cheese and its history.

Marie Anne Cantin
Fromager Marie Anne Cantin

The historical shop of Marie Quatrehomme (62, rue de Sèvres, tel: 01 47 34 33 45), which has three in Paris.We know that she is the only woman “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” . She has been in these places for three decades with passion. Specialist in old counties up to 4 years of age, Beaufort of 24 months, she chose to buy the young product, to leave it in the cellar to the producer, to be delivered according to the needs and the ” then refine as it should. And it is not limited to local products, it makes very beautiful discoveries from all over the world.

And of course Barthélémy (51, rue de Grenelle, tel: 01 42 22 82 24). Very good address.

Envie d’un plateau de fruits de mer ? On court à la Poissonnerie du Bac  (69, rue du Bac, tél. : 01 45 48 06 64) qui en compose de magnifiques. Les étals proposent aussi une sélection pointue de poissons issus de la pêche de petits bateaux ou des meilleurs élevages.

Petrossian Paris VII
commerce de bouche PETROSSIAN

Other exceptional products await you at Petrossian (18, Boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg, tel .: 01 44 11 32 22), but with pleasure. We are pleased to push the door of this institution. And we do not only buy caviar but fresh tarama, melted smoked fish, foie gras, vodkas …

For a golden and crispy baguette or fondant viennoiseries, go to Nathalie and Sylvain Maurice. Paris Seven. The old Secco bakery. Wholesale of bread, assortment of special breads, crunchy baguette, assortment of individual rolls, such as Sylvestre Wahid, Thoumieux sign (exquisite in Parmesan), orange peel brioche and raisin, shortbread, chocolate tart …. (20, rue Jean-Nicot, tel .: 01 43 17 35 20).

Cakes and bread are also recommended at 89 rue du Bac; and finally the bakery Julien at 85 rue saint Dominique.

A little further down the street, you will stop at Bellota Bellota (18, rue Jean-Nicot, tel: 01 53 59 96 96) a cellar-grocery store that sells the best Iberian hams, Spanish oils and preserves . Possibility of eating on the spot, noon and evening.

For dessert we have in the 7:

The Patisserie des Rêves 93, rue du Bac, tel. : 01 42 84 00 82), colorful boutique and design; offering the best cakes of yesteryear revisited, and Hugo & Victor (40, bd Raspail, tel: 01 44 39 97 73), where the tasty pastries, original creations and especially the best financiers of Paris.

The frozen sweets are not to be outdone with Le Bac à Glaces (109, rue du Bac, tel: 01 45 48 87 65), thanks to its 60 old-fashioned ice-creams. Fine sorbets and artisanal ice creams with fresh and creative fragrances, served in a nice setting. Same quality at Martine Lambert (39, rue Cler, tel .: 01 45 51 25 30) Pretty shop offering homemade sorbets and ice cream made with 100% natural ingredients.

On the cellar side, Maison Ryst Dupeyron (79, rue du Bac, Tel: 01 45 48 80 93), owner of the Dupeyron armagnacs but also a wine merchant and importer of spirits. Rare vintage wines. Cellar with rustic frame.

Ampelos and Appellation & co are also recommended.

For the pleasure of the eyes as well as to discover the best of the food selected in the four corners of the world, a regular visit to La Grande Epicerie de Paris (38, rue de Sèvres, tel: 01 44 39 81 00). High-end culinary items, world products and wine cellar in a large grocery store with a neat setting.

la grande épicerie de paris
la grande épicerie de paris

Think about coming 🙂 a new selection of products is coming-up!


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